Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fashion fact of the day

Saturday the 29th of December 2012

The first issue of Vogue was published on December 17, 1892
I'd love to get my hands on a copy of that!

Peace and pout, M.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Love at first sight

The other day as I strolled through Myer, I saw this Wayne by Wayne Cooper dress. I immediately feel in love. The texture and cut of this dress was enough to take my heart. You can have it for yourself if you click the link below for around $180. Also sold at Myer.

Peace and pout, M.

Fashion fact of the day

Thursday the 27th of December 2012

An item of clothing is considered vintage if it dates back from 1920 to 1960. Anything after that date is considered retro. 

Peace and pout, M.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Paper bag pants

Okay, so the pants aren't actually made out of paper bags and after searching them up on the internet I still have no idea why they're called what they are. However, it doesn't stop them from looking stunning on absolutely anyone. With a bundle of colours to chose from, you can't go wrong with these pants. Pair them with comfy  flats for a day out, or swap them with heels for that killer outfit on a night in town.
Pick this pair up today from for around $70.

Peace and pout, M.

Fashion fact of the day

Wednesday the 26th of December 2012

Short haircuts on girls are pretty ordinary nowadays and no one get surprised when a girl with short hair passes by. Nevertheless, it hasn't always been this way. Sometime ago only unfaithful wives used to wear short hair. The hair was cut short to mark the stamp of infamy.
Being a girl with short hair, I found this interesting!

Peace and pout, M.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Pastles and florals are back just in time as the weather heats up for summer. If you need a cute cocktale dress, elegant gown, or just a casual outfit to hit the streets in, choose something light and easy to move in. 3/4 coloured jeans are a popular choice for those family visits over the holidays. Pair them with a white high collared shirt and you're ready to go.

Kardashian Kollection

They say you can win a mans heart through his stomach, but how do you win a girls? EASY! Just buy her something that sparkles. Better yet, buy her one of these beautiful clutches' from the  Kardashian Kollection that Khloe posted on instagram today.
To see the whole collection, click on the link below.  

Peace and pout, M.

Boxing day awaits

Well boys and girls, as christmas comes to an end, boxing day nears and the excitement of the mad shopping rush grows upon us. What will you be buying? I have my eye on this beautiful rose gold watch by Michael Kors among other things of course!  I see a new trend beginning and I defiantly want to be one of the first to try them out - Lets just hope my bank card forgives me.Peace and pout, M.

Could I have found my prince charming?

Okay, so from looking at the title you'd think I'd have met a drop dead gorgeous guy and fallen head over heels for him. Well, its not entirely true - though I have been introduced to the lovely world of blogging. I can feel my head beat faster and faster as I hit every letter on the keyboard and I can certainly say, I'll be asking for a second date. I'm the type of person, where if I like something, you can bet your last dollar that I'll devote to much of my time to it. So if you like the sound of being posted on everything a girl could dream of in the wonderful world of fashion, you should defiantly keep this blog in mind.
I think I'm going to like this.

Peace and Pout, M.